Way: The Peacock's Door

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The Peacock Door: proud and shining amethyst, its glow tinting the snow-pale shapes of the Glassgarden. This is the highest point where mortals may penetrate the Mansus. No crack marks its surface. This is not a door that opens, although, it is said, it may bleed light.

Reaching[edit | edit source]

Way: Peacocks's Door can be reached by Dreaming on Way: The Spider's Door with a Lore fragment of Edge, Knock or Lantern aspect of the tenth magnitude or higher.

Entering[edit | edit source]

Dreaming on Way: Peacock's Door with a mirror (either Wildering Mirror or Watchman's Glass but not Noonstone), or the Frangiclave will bring you to the Mansus.

Upon return, the mirrors will turn into a cracked version of themselves that cannot be used to enter the Peacock's Door. A Forge follower can restore the mirror if the appropriate Spintria is supplied: bronze for the Wildering Mirror and Silver for the Watchman's Glass.

Another option is the Frangiclave, which is rare Knock Tool of the 12th order. Essentially a powerful key, it is capable of opening the Peacock's Door without breaking or shattering upon use, negating the need for constant repairs.

Possible choices[edit | edit source]

The Peacock's Door[edit | edit source]

  • Scholar: Vak Last night I opened the Peacock Door, and afterwards it spoke to me. 'I am Vak,' it boasted, 'both the tongue and the Goddess. I am the only entrance into secret light. I was worshipped before you upright apes, and I will be still when all of you are ugly ash. Listen, and I will prove it.' I woke with my mouth full of words.
  • Fascination
  • Unresolved Ambiguity (Secret Histories 10) Last night I opened the Peacock Door, and beyond it in the bright spaces of the House I met a pilgrim-adept. 'I am almost ready,' they said, 'to pass to the summit of the House, to prepare for the final ascent. Perhaps you'll join me. I will need allies, to fight for my place. Here is a story to help you rise.'
  • A Splendour (Lantern 15) Last night I satisfied the Peacock Door, and my action drew the attention of a certain Hour. In the golden spaces of the Mansus beyond I heard the Flowermaker's promise, and his promise is this: he cannot harm me, and he cannot find me, but if I will only come to him he will satisfy my desire as I satisfied the Peacock Door's. In earnest of this promise, my eyes have been opened, and this morning I see glory.

The Red Church[edit | edit source]

  • Fascination Last night I visited the Red Church, where the Grail conducts its feasts. The light through the stained glass windows was all the spectra of red and the Names of the Grail laboured to birth a new desire which had until today no name at all. I am sticky with the memory of it, and this morning everything I see is tinted ruby.
  • A Favour from Authority Each of the stained glass windows of the Red Church is devoted to a distinct appetite, and the scenes they show are from life. Last night, in one of the uglier windows, I saw the appetites a certain public figure satisfied in private. I know he won't want this information made public. Perhaps he'll show me some consideration.
  • Vagabond's Map (Secret Histories 12) I saw the Red Church again last night, with its pews of bone, the stained glass in shades of ruby, the golden altar that beats like a heart. That night the Names of the Grail gathered to speak of those Long who've sworn off the pleasures of the bedchamber - save between man and man, or woman and woman. 'They still pay the tribute of delight,' an Ivory said. 'They do not bear fruit,' a Lovely said. 'If Forge and Sun had only joined -' a Thirstly lamented. Then they fell to gossiping of the Long of the House of Lethe, and their deeds in the desert. I remember it still.
  • An Incarnadescence (Grail 15) When one dreams of the Red Church, one hears the voices of the Grail's Names, the Thirstlies and the Ivories and the Lovelies and the rest. 'Not all the empousai are women,' they might be heard to say. 'The hungers of women run no deeper than the hungers of men. But a mother is never far from her child at its birth, and that is not always true of a father. Come closer, and we will show you what we mean.'
  • Amaranthine Nectar (Grail 8) When I visited the Red Church last night, they told me, between their clawings and their caresses, that the Flowermaker had visited but lately, with his Nectar and his promise. I woke twined in sodden sheets, with the Amaranthine Nectar brimming in my hand. I captured what I could of it - only a few drops, but it will be enough.

The Worm Museum[edit | edit source]

  • Dread I dreamt last night of the Worm Museum. The Hours have set wards about it and warnings before it, but they have left it open to mortal adepts who can prove themselves by reaching it. Perhaps they hope to inspire revulsion against the things that bred in the corpse of the Sun. Those things are here still, always dying, never dead. They came from Nowhere, the warnings say, and if they complete their work, the Mansus will be Nowhere, one day.
  • Vagabond's Map (Secret Histories 12) Size in the Mansus is negotiable, and so last night in the Worm Museum I saw one of the Worms who took Vienna, caged next to a Worm taken from the soul of a child. In dreams they are more visible than waking, smooth and dark as jewels. The walls bear stories of the First and Second Worm Wars. The Third is too recent to have passed into the Histories.
  • Perfect Frost (Winter 15) Last night I visited the Worm Museum, which is both within the Mansus (for security) and without (for safety). The Hours have charged the Colonel with its defence, and even the Lionsmith does not challenge him here. Winter is the chiefest aspect of this place. The Worms thrive where things end, but they can also be ended, and they must, if the Mansus is to endure. This morning, the chilly certainty of the Colonel's hand still lies on my shoulder.