Those Who Do Not Sleep

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Those Who Do Not Sleep
AspectsAuctionable 2
Written in Fucine

Those Who Do Not Sleep is a Book.


A Fucine text attributed to the mystic, Brodnax.
~ Untranslated description
The mystic Brodnax discusses the origins of the Sister-and-Witch, and of the Thunderskin.
~ Description
'The Sister-and-Witch were born in two wombs, one poor one rich, across the sea. The Sister was stronger in the aspect of Heart, and so their survival was assured; the Witch was stronger in the aspect of Grail, and so they were not satisfied...'
~ Study start text
'When the Sister and Witch came from the West, the Red Grail permitted their ascension, but then grew jealous of their power. It lured a great musician into the ranks of its Names, and caused him to be reborn from blood as a Heart-hour, so that the Grail might maintain dominion there also. But its victory is not assured.'
~ Study end text