The World Does Not Weep

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The World Does Not Weep
AspectsAuctionable 2
Written in Aramaic

The World Does Not Weep is a Book.


'Brown' Joshua found this in a well in Hamath. There's an unlikely story that it was abandoned by Alexander during his retreat from Issus.
~ Description
The unknown adept who wrote this proclaims: the world forgets, but the Ivory Dove does not. The text contains a number of prescriptions for ensuring that certain acts are remembered, including a rite which requires a sacrifice in a particularly monstrous mode...
~ Study start text
The Hours tried to bury the memory of what happened to the Wheel, the Flint, the Tide, and the Seven-Coiled, but the Dove won't permit it. Nor will he permit what happened to the First Egg to be forgotten, although it is perhaps the one thing that the Watchman might ever forgive...
~ Study end text