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With each turn its cilia pulse and wriggle and its body flushes translucent to crimson. It might be ugly but it is beautiful like the withdrawing of blood from the labyrinths of glass. It does not cease and all its involutions are infinite.
~ The Colours that Turn

The Wheel was one of the Hours. Its principles were Heart and probably a precursor to Moth. It was one of the six Gods-from-Stone, who came into being before humanity, and one of the five among them who were cast down by the other Hours in the Lithomachy. According to In Memory of Gods, The Wheel had its skin stolen by The Moth and was thus banished to Nowhere, although in the Meniscate's shadow version of the Mansus it is said that "the Wheel still turns." The Temple of the Wheel still exists in the wood, on a high rock outside of the Mansus.

The Wheel may be the "great protector of the world" described on the Alakapurine Shears, as the great protector's hair and fingers were taken from him, and the Moth's tarot card shows a lock of hair and human fingers. The description of The Wheel as possessing cilia suggests that, for it, hair and fingers may have ultimately been the same. The Wheel's Heart-principle would explain why it was regarded as a protector of the world.

The vision The Colours That Are Not Black depicts the hunt of The Wheel by The Moth and suggests that prior to the death of The Wheel, The Wood was not yet dark. The description of the hunt is difficult to reconcile with the description of the Wheel as usurped from within by the Moth.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The lore fragment Thigh-Born Thorax-Sweet associates The Wheel with the myth of the birth of Dionysius from Zeus's thigh. It may conflate Zeus here with the Celtic thunder-god Taranis, whose symbol is a wheel.

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