The Door in the Eye

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The Door in the Eye
The Watchman is the Door in the Eye. He opens the way for the willing and for the unwilling. He is often the first Hour that we supplicate. He is always in white.
Omar claims that the Hour called Watchman is both a god-who-was-flesh - an Hour who was mortal - and also a god-from-Light - an Hour who descended from the Glory - but adds, finally, that the Watchman's origin is triple, and that 'in essence, he is Amber. The Watchman, according to Omar, was once another Hour entirely, who ascended into the Glory to escape efforts by other Hours to send him to Nowhere. It may be that Omar's sense of persecution creeps into the narrative at this point: certainly it grows less coherent, and the last part is devoted to attempts to prove that eyes, eggs and the Sun are all in some sense conjunct.

The Door in the Eye, also called The Watchman, is one of the Hours, associated with hour I, or 1:00am. His Aspect is Lantern. The Watchman was formerly a mortal, most likely the Unwise Mortal described in The Manner In Which The Alchemist Was Spared. He was also, according to The Focus of Amber, formerly the Egg Unhatching. The most plausible reconciliation of these accounts is that the Unwise Mortal took up a remnant of the Egg which descended from the Glory after the Egg's flight. As a result, the Watchman is usually viewed as a God-from-Flesh due to having been mortal, sometimes viewed as a God-from-Light (The Focus of Amber and the Illuminate Mysteries differ) due to the descent of the remnant of the Egg, and occasionally seen as a God-from-Stone due to having been the Egg. The Watchman is preparing to lead a pilgrimage in which seven pilgrims will ascend into The Glory. The Vagabond will be the first of these pilgrims, but the remaining six positions are not yet certain.

The mortal origins of the Door-in-the-Eye are probably described in this passage:

In the days of the Carapace Cross, when humanity lived in the dark and ate on its knees, humans could enter the Mansus like vermin. One learnt the arts of Flint, the arts of shaping and remaking... 'Through the Black, the Yellow, the Red, the Unwise Mortal ascended to the shadow of the Egg Unhatching, and remained in his service. He may be there to this day.
~ The Manner in which the Alchemist was Spared

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