The Sevenfold Slaying of the Seven-Coiled

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The Sevenfold Slaying of the Seven-Coiled
AspectsAuctionable 2
Written in Fucine

The Sevenfold Slaying of the Seven-Coiled is a Book.


An account of the destruction of a primaeval Hour, a god-who-was-Stone.
~ Description
There are twelve verses. In the first, an ascendant Hour identified as the Scarred One enumerates his justifications for destroying the Seven-Coiled: its appetites, its growth, its enmity to humanity. In the second, a priestess puts out his eyes and scars his skin to protect him against the Seven-Coiled's magics. In each of the next seven verses, he destroys one aspect of the Seven-Coiled...
~ Study start text
In the tenth verse, the Scarred One bathes his priestess-patron in the blood of the Seven-Coiled, to lend her power. In the eleventh, they assault the 'temple behind the world', entering it by force. In the twelfth, they swear a tripartite oath to protect their ancestors, their descendants, and themselves.
~ Study end text



  • Miah chance of receiving as reward for completing this vault
  • Messana