The Seven-Coils

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On a bed of dunes beneath a red low sun a monster wrestles itself while attendants crowd around its flanks. It is flabby and huge, the colour of dirty sulphur. Fanged tentacle-necks wrestle like kittens. It tears cheerfully at its own flesh, and the blood that flows is golden. It flops over in a cataclysm of wattled flesh, crushing a knot of attendants, and the others scream and cheer.
~ The Colours Seven-Coiled

The Seven-Coils, also called The Seven-Coiled, Coil, The Father of the Mother, and The Wound, was one of the Hours. It was one of the six Gods-from-Stone, who came into being before humanity, and one of the five among them who were cast down by the other Hours. Its Aspect may have been Knock due to its association with wounds and the number seven. According to A Second Glory, The Seven-Coils was slain in battle by The Colonel, thus banishing it to Nowhere. The Mother of Ants, believed to have been a priestess who aided The Colonel, ascended via the blood of The Seven-Coiled, although sources disagree on the precise method of her ascension; The Colonel bathed her in its blood, or she drowned in it, or she arose from it directly.

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