The Manner in which the Alchemist was Spared

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The Manner in which the Alchemist was Spared
AspectsAuctionable 2
Written in Vak

The Manner in which the Alchemist was Spared is a Book.


A quasi-alchemical text, in Vak.
~ Untranslated description
In 1782, Anaël Verdier used this text as the basis for a presentation to the Academy of Sciences in Paris. He was executed in secret the following morning without trial.
~ Description
In the days of the Carapace Cross, when humanity lived in the dark and ate on its knees, humans could enter the Mansus like vermin. One learnt the arts of Flint, the arts of shaping and remaking...
~ Study start text
'Through the Black, the Yellow, the Red, the Unwise Mortal ascended to the shadow of the Egg Unhatching, and remained in his service. He may be there to this day.'
~ Study end text



Notes[edit | edit source]

"The Black, the Yellow, and the Red" are the colors of the three current Forge-principle ingredients, which also correspond with the traditional alchemical stages of nigredo, citrinas, and rubedo. However, not all of these ingredients are associated with the Forge of Days proper, which suggests that the usage of "Flint" here refers not solely to the Hour Flint, but rather to an occult principle which, similar to the current Forge-principle, shared its name with an Hour. The renaming of Flint to Forge probably resulted from the Forge of Days killing Flint in the Lithomachy.

The Unwise Mortal, having ascended to the service of Egg Unhatching, may have later become The Door in the Eye, who is a God-from-Flesh but has also been identified with the Egg.