The Forge of Days

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The Forge of Days
Even the Sunne can be divided, though it require the Forge of Dayes for its division.
~ Julian Coseley, The Six Letters on Necessity

The Forge of Days, also known as The Unburnt God, is one of the Hours, associated with hour XX, or 8:00pm. Her Aspects are Forge and Lantern. Her nature is to constantly remake and change. This includes the Mansus, which according to The Book of Dissolution once had different gates and paths which were remade by The Forge.

The Forge of Days is one of the two original Gods-from-Light, along with The Sun-in-Splendour, whom she loved. She is responsible for the death of two Hours. First, she eclipsed and then shattered The Flint, one of the Gods-from-Stone, as part of the Lithomachy. Later, she divided The Sun-in-Splendour in an event known as the Intercalate, killing it and giving rise to four new Hours: The Meniscate, The Madrugad, The Sun-in-Rags, and the Wolf Divided. It is said that if The Forge could regret, she would regret this.

Later, in at least one history, The Forge of Days agreed to a peace with the Long of England, who became the Sovereigns of the Leashed Flame and ushered in an early Industrial Revolution. The Children of the Leashed Flame attempted to conquer the world in the War of the Roads in the 1400s, but were held back at great cost by an alliance of the Sisterhood of the Knot and the Church of the Unconquered Sun. The War of the Roads also stretched into the Mansus, where the Sisterhood (Horned-Axe, Ring-Yew, and Red Grail) and the Solar Hours (Sun-in-Rags, Madrugad, Meniscate, and Wolf Divided) allied with the Vagabond to fight against the Forge. Eventually, the Forge lost and devoured the Sovereigns of the Leashed Flame.

To this day, The Forge of Days works in The Malleary, where she once divided The Sun.

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