The Egg Unhatching

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A faded pale white-gold seen in certain patches of the sky, when the mist is clearing but the sun might be mistaken for the moon. We hold our breath and watch it brighten, until each colour divides from the next like a new-minted alphabet.
~ The Colours of the Horizon

The Egg Unhatching, also called The First Egg or simply The Egg, was one of the Hours. It was one of the six Gods-from-Stone who came into being before humanity. It was associated with the sun and light on the horizon, and despite its connection to The Glory, its touch "was a kind of mercy". The Egg was one of the five Gods-from-Stone who were cast down by the other Hours. However, instead of being immediately killed, the Egg fled to the Glory, and some remnant of it survives as The Watchman.

In A Second Glory, the priest Juceh recounts how The Egg Unhatching "fled like a coward" when the Gods-from-Stone were attacked by the other Hours, and warns against The Egg's return. The Focus of Amber suggests that the Egg fled specifically to the Glory - however, the Recitation of Lost Hours suggests that it is now Nowhere. According to The World Does Not Weep, The Ivory Dove will not allow the other Hours to forget what befell the Gods-from-Stone, especially not "what happened to the First Egg", even though that event "is perhaps the one thing that The Watchman might ever forgive".

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