Recitation of Lost Hours

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Recitation of Lost Hours
Aspects Winter 10


Challenges Requires Knowledge

Requires A Grim Lesson Requires Obsessive Research

Sources A Second Glory

In Memory of Gods

Upgrades to The Division of the Names
Downgrades to Invocation of the Ivory Dove
Subverts The Lionsmith's Names
Subverted by Formulae Vigilant
Element ID fragmentwintere
Six are Gone. Five came from stone and one from light. All went to Nowhere. Still, their memories have power, and now we call upon it. [Use this in a rite with Martensite Paste and an assistant dedicated to Knock - or other sources of equal power - to summon a Maid-in-the-Mirror]
~ Card text

Recitation of Lost Hours is the tenth-level fragment of Winter-lore.