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Nowhere is lit by lamps of black nephrite. In Nowhere, we hear the voices prophesying. In Nowhere it is very cold. But it is always possible to be deader.
~ From the Apostle Aestuant victory

Nowhere is a dimension beyond and below the Mansus and The Glory, where the dead drift ever downwards, the six dead Hours are said to reside, and the Gods-from-Nowhere are said to have spawned from. The nature of Nowhere is ambiguous. While its name implies the void, Nowhere has enough of a physical form that it is lit by lamps of black nephrite. Dead hours are banished to Nowhere, but it is thought that there are ways that they could escape, perhaps with the help of The Elegiast, who can recall what he remembers back to the Mansus.

According to The Focus of Amber, The Egg Unhatching, a God-from-Stone, learned of an attempt by the other Hours to send him to Nowhere. To avoid this, the Egg ascended into the Glory. Later, he would somehow fuse with the Watchman. According to the Recitation of Lost Hours, the Egg is now Nowhere despite his efforts.

When The Sun-in-Splendour was divided and condemned to Nowhere, monstrous parasites called Worms used its corpse to breed. They would later emerge from Nowhere and threaten the world.

In Five Creations, the scholar Shohei recorded a debate about five possible origins of humanity with The Beachcomber. Shohei claimed that all five had been proven false, but among them his preferred theory was that "we consumed not only our parents, 'which is not the Crime of the Sky', but also our origin, so that we came from Nowhere."

The three known Gods-from-Nowhere are:

The six dead Hours confined to Nowhere are: