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Kanishk sought to become a Name. In pursuit of that end, he made Lok Kahuli the vessel of his appetites, promising Lok that they would ascend together. At the Spider's Door, he betrayed his lover...
~ The Account of Kanishk at the Spider's Door

The Names are entities of great power that serve the Hours. Comparable to demi-gods, some Names are the creations of the particular Hour they serve, while others are Long who have been granted great favor. Names seek to one day become Hours, and the Hours watch their Names warily for treachery. Names can be temporarily summoned to the mortal world through certain arcane rituals.

List of Names[edit | edit source]

Name Origin Master
Amethyst Imago Creation The Moth
The Witch-and-Sister(?)
The Forge of Days (current)
Elagabalus ? The Sun-in-Rags(?)
Ezeem, the Second Thirstly Creation The Red Grail
Ghirbi Ascended Long The Horned-Axe(?)
Kanishk Ascended Long The Colonel
Karpellus ? The Flowermaker
King Crucible Creation The Forge of Days
Kitling Ripe Creation The Velvet
Marsyas Ascended Long The Red Grail
The Madrugad Creation The Sun-in-Splendour
The Meniscate Creation The Sun-in-Splendour
Miss Naenia Creation The Elegiast
The Sun-in-Rags Creation The Sun-in-Splendour
Teresa Ascended Long The Door in the Eye(?)
Unidentified Ivories Creation The Red Grail
Unidentified Lovelies Creation The Red Grail
Unidentified Thirstlies Creation The Red Grail
Unidentified Wolf-Splinters Creation The Wolf Divided