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Society Mirror of Glory.png Mirror of Glory
Lore Fragments

2: A Watchman's Secret
6: An Unmerciful Mantra
10: Formulae Concursate
14: Illuminate Mysteries

4: A Mansus-Glimpse
8: Phanaen Invocation
12: Mantra of Ascent

Converts from Converts to
Moth.png Moth Forge.png Forge

4: Noonstone
8: 'The Door in the Eye' Painting

8: Wildering Mirror
12: Watchman's Glass

Ichor Vitreous, Refulgin, Cracked Noonstone, Cracked Wildering Mirror, Cracked Watchman's Glass, [[Gold Spintria]], Glassfinger Toxin
Main Followers
´Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible Sun within us.' - Thomas Brown [Lantern is the principle of the secret place sometimes called the House of the Sun, and the light above it.]

Lantern is the Principle of The Door in the Eye and the offspring of The Sun-in-Splendour, of unkindness, the Mansus, and the Glory. Its followers are characterized by mystically powerful dreams and a devotion to the Sun. It is the aspect the Mirror of Glory is dedicated to.

Lore Fragments[edit | edit source]

A Watchman's Secret [ Lantern 2 ]: "It has been expressed like this: 'Each Hour has its colour, but colour exists only where there is light'".

A Mansus-Glimpse [ Lantern 4 ]: "A snatch of poetry; a single memory of a certain house that all of us visit at least twice in our lives. For one's first visit to the Mansus, this lore is almost essential."

An Unmerciful Mantra [ Lantern 6 ]: "'Mercy', saith the Watchman, 'is found only in shadow.'"

Phanaen Invocation [ Lantern 8 ]: "The Door-in-the-Eye navigates; he is not merciful; but first and always, he illuminates."

Formulae Concursate [ Lantern 10 ] "The Concursum waits at the Lantern of the Mansus. It has been called the Chamber of Ways and also the Chamber of Endings. Its intricacies are probably beyond human comprehension, but these formulae are a first approximation."

Mantra of Ascent [ Lantern 12 ]: "The Ascent of Knives is the bloodiest of the Watchman's tests. Those who pass it and are dead enter the service of the Sun-in-Rags. Those living who pass it are a little closer to the Glory."

Illuminate Mysteries [ Lantern 14 ]: "The Meniscate, the Madrugad, the Flowermaker and the Forge of Days are the gods-from-Light. There is a fifth, but now we know it is not the Watchman. Yet the Watchman shares a secret doctrine with those five, and here is that doctrine... [Use this in a Rite with a Subtle Rupture and a Paradoxical Curio, and someone will come. Speak it to a Hunter, and it might drive them insane on the spot.]"

Tools[edit | edit source]

Tool Aspect level Description
'The Door in the Eye' 8 He came from the Glory. We cannot help but see.
Cracked Noonstone 1 Noon, the saying goes, is not what it was; but this stone still retains an embery glow. It has been cracked. A Forge-aspected follower could restore it, with sufficient resources - or I could use up what power remains in it.
Cracked Watchman's Glass 3 A Forge-aspected follower could repair it, but the cost would be high - or I could use up what power remains in it.
Cracked Wildering Mirror 2 A deep crack runs across the shimmering metal. A Forge-aspected follower could repair it, with sufficient resources - or I could use up what power remains in it.
Noonstone 4 Noon, the saying goes, is not what it was; but this polished stone still retains a sunset glow.
Watchman's Glass 12 This is the mirror into which one does not look twice.
Wildering Mirror 8 A multiplicity of vistas! A bewilderment of views! Gaze upon me, and rejoice in the dissolution of your senses!

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Ingredient Aspect level Description
Glassfinger Toxin 8 'What is within, without; what is without, within.' A poison sacred to the votaries of the Meniscate.
Ichor Vitreous 12 A pale and watchful fluid that can be gathered, sometimes, when the Door-in-the-Eye is opened.
Refulgin 4 A white so pure that it remains visible even in utter darkness.

Books[edit | edit source]

Book Fragment level
Lord Franklin Bancroft: Diaries, 1750-1790 6
On What Is Contained By Silver 4
The Concursum Diaries 8
The Focus of Amber 12
The High Mysteries of the Innermost Chamber of our Church Solar 10
The Humours of a Gentleman 2
The Known-Unknown Tantra 6
The Locksmith's Dream: Stolen Reflections 6
The Locksmith's Dream: a Light through the Keyhole 2
The Rose of Waznei 4
The Sky, the Soul 10
The Time of Division 14
The Watchful Tantra 8