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Society Temple Unceasing.png Temple Unceasing
Lore Fragments

2: A Thunderous Secret
6: A Waking Chant
10: Formulae Vigilant
14: Unceasing Mysteries

4: Words that Walk
8: Geminate Invocation
12: Velvet Charm

Converts from Converts to
Winter.png Winter Grail.png Grail

4: Marruvine Idol
8: 'The Sister-and-Witch' Painting

8: Wakeful Tympanum
12: Kingskin Bodhrán

True Blood of St Januarius, Rose Pearl Dust, Witch-Kissed Oil
Main Followers
  • None
The Heart Relentless beats to protect the skin of the world we understand. [The heart is the principle that continues and preserves.]

Heart is the Principle of The Thunderskin, The Velvet, and The Sister-and-Witch, of life, preservation, protection, union, and the drumbeat and dance that must never cease. It is unstoppable in the face of adversity, and its followers are often characterized by relentless cheerfulness and obsessive determination. It is the aspect the Temple Unceasing is dedicated to.

Lore Fragments[edit | edit source]

  • A Thunderous Secret [Heart 2]: "There are common sentiments in every thunderclap. Let us acknowledge them."
  • Words that Walk [Heart 4]: "The syllables of this formula are compelling. I find myself snapping my fingers to its rhythm. It desires not to cease."
  • A Waking Chant [Heart 6]: "Who could hear this and remain unmoved? The sleeping? The dead? The earth and the sky? [Use this in a rite with Byzantine Tinct and a Meteoric Bullet - or other resources of equal power - to summon a Percussigant.]"

Tools[edit | edit source]

Tool Aspect level Description
'The Sister-and-Witch' 8 She has been a pair of funeral birds, but here she is as she would wish to drown.
Kingskin Bodhrán 12 In the deep forests, the monarch gave up the last thing they had to give, and so the tool was shaped to keep their land forever safe. Then, of course, an empire stole it, as empires do.
Marruvine Idol 4 The Marruvii would make little wooden idols to placate the witch-twins they feared in their lake. The lake is almost dry now, but the idols and the witch-twins yet remain, yet shadowed with the aspect of the Heart.
Wakeful Tympanum 8 In the grove where they flayed the thunder, they rattled their instruments to rouse the frenzy. The power still clings, like scent.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

  • Rose-Pearl Dust [Heart 4, Auctionable 2, Pigment]: "Pearls are sacred to the Witch-and-Sister, especially those of this colour. They have been used in protective rites, among others."
  • Witch-Kissed Oil [Heart 8, Auctionable 4]: "The formula remains unchanged since the days Hecate was worshipped at the crossways."
  • True Blood of St Januarius [Heart 12, Auctionable 6] "The Thunderskin protected the one they called Januarius, against perils from every past. To this day his blood keeps dancing."

Followers[edit | edit source]

There are four Heart based mortal followers; Leo, Dorothy, Clovette and a the Heart aspect Hanger-On. These followers can all be promoted to believers and disciples, however, the Hanger-on cannot be exalted. Exalted heart disciples become Tarantellists which are level 10 Heart followers.

The Percussigant is a summoned minion, the only one that uses Heart in its summoning or has the Heart aspect. It is level 8 in both Edge and Heart.

Books[edit | edit source]

Book Fragment level
A True and Accurate History of the Shadowless Kings 10
A True and Complete Accounting of the Asclepian Mysteries of the Roots of the House 4
Apollo and Marsyas 2
Commandments For the Preservation of All That Exists 14
Rapt in the King 6
The Book of the White Cat 12
The Ceaseless Tantra 6
The Flayed Tantra 8
The Geminiad 8
The Larquebine Codex 6
The Orchid Transfigurations, Vol 3: Noon 2
The Rose of Hypatia 4
Those Who Do Not Sleep 10