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Society Order of the Bloody Cup.png Order of the Bloody Cup
Lore Fragments

2: A Red Secret
6: A Delightful Sacrament
10: Formulae Voluptuous
14: Devouring Mysteries

4: A Megalesian Incantation
8: Thiatic Invocation
12: Anthic Elaboration

Converts from Converts to
Heart.png Heart Moth.png Moth

4: Stained Gloves
8: 'The Red Grail' Painting

8: Hallowed Polos
12: Chalice Murmurous

Amaranthine Nectar, Vital Pigment, Writhing Caul
Main Followers
  • None
Hunger, lust, the drowning waters. [The principle of the Grail honors both the birth and the feast.]

Grail is the Principle of The Red Grail, The Flowermaker, and The Beachcomber, of desire, birth, seduction, and thirst. Its followers are characterized by inhuman desirability and an irresistible charisma. It is the aspect the Order of the Bloody Cup is dedicated to.

Lore Fragments[edit | edit source]

A Red Secret [ Grail 2] : "Some words are spelt correctly only when the proper ink is used."

A Megalesian Incantation [ Grail 4 ]: "The Great Mother remembers."

A Delightful Sacrament [ Grail 6 ]: "So pleasant upon the ear. One could listen over and over. These are the words that make sacrifice sweet."

Thiatic Invocation [ Grail 8 ]: "Raucous shrieks attend the passage of the Names of the Grail. We reproduce them as best they can, for the pulsing power they lend."

Formulae Voluptuous [ Grail 10 ]: "There exist some pleasures intense enough to corrupt the laws of the physical world."

Anthic Elaboration [ Grail 12 ]: "The Flowermaker cannot touch you; he cannot find you; he always has what you desire. Even an elaboration of the properties of his works can draw the attention of the Hours."

Devouring Mysteries [ Grail 14 ]: "The Grail was the first god-who-was-blood. The Flowermaker came from the Light. The Beach-Crow was flesh. Hunger and Greed and Yearning are the matrix of appetite, and here is their secret doctrine..."

Tools[edit | edit source]

Tool Aspect level Description
'The Red Grail' 8 She did not split the Sun, but here we might imagine how she must have desired it.
Chalice Murmurous 12 On those nights when we drink from the chalice, we are not certain, afterwards, what we have done. But, we may be assured, it is what always has been done, and if we do not remember, our children will, in their redmost dreams.
Hallowed Polos 8 The ring-crown of a savage mother, stained with essence, woven with scraps of hair and blessed with flecks of skin.
Stained Gloves 4 What uses have these known? What lessons might they teach my hands?
Whispering Amulet 2 It knows what I desire; or I imagine that it does.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Ingredient Aspect level Description
Amaranthine Nectar 8 One of the Flowermaker's many gifts. In a brighter age, it might have bestowed immortality. In this blighted History, it is still an unparalleled sweetness.
Vital Pigment 4 It is not usual for a red this red to survive the death of the body.
Writhing Caul 12 Lay your hand on these tattered folds and feel their warmth; leave your hand upon it, and it will explore the possibilities of embrace.

Books[edit | edit source]

Book Fragment level
A Catalogue of Uncharted Pleasures 10
Five Creations 14
On Matthias and the Amethyst Imago: Pursuit 6
The Devoured Tantra 6
The Dream of the Conspiracy of the Lower Skies 12
The Geminiad 8
The Orchid Transfigurations, Vol 1: a Feast 2
The Orchid Transfigurations, Vol 2: a Birth 4
The Rose of Nuriel 4
The Skeleton Songs 2
The Thirsting Tantra 8
Twenty-Six Enticements, Seven Torments 10