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Society Unflinching Order.png Unflinching Order
Lore Fragments

2: A Smith's Secret
6: A Shaping Chant
10: Formula Fissive
14: Mysteries of Making

4: An Ardent Orison
8: Callidate Invocation
12: Furnace Paean

Converts from Converts to
Lantern.png Lantern Edge.png Edge

4: Cinnabar Amulet
8: 'The Forge of Days' Painting

8: Malleus Imperative
12: Carcass Spark

Iotic Essence, Bitterblack Salts, Xanthotic Essence, Bronze Spintria, Blue Gold
Main Followers
´Fire,' I once read, 'is the winter that warms and the spring that consumes.` [The principle of the Forge transforms and destroys.]

Forge is the Principle of The Forge of Days, The Madrugad, and The Meniscate, of transformation, artifice, fire, and destruction. Its followers are characterized by ingenuity, mechanical thinking, and superhuman strength. It is the aspect the Unflinching Order is dedicated to. Before The Lithomachy, Forge was known as "Flint" and was the principle of The Flint, a God-from-Stone.

Lore Fragments[edit | edit source]

A Smith's Secret [ Forge 2 ]: "In five continents, smiths have whispered the same words to the iron. Murderers have been known to whisper these words, too. And adepts, of course. These words are spoken in ritual to inspire an unmerciful Change."

An Ardent Orison [ Forge 4 ]: "When we watch a fire, what are we watching for? When we find it, these are the words it will speak: a word that sanctifies the change that comes when the seared skin peels."

A Shaping Chant [ Forge 6 ]: "The proper words must be employed when the Change comes. [Use this in a Rite with a Knock influence and a Bone Flute - or other resources of equal power - to summon a Caligine.]"

Callidate Invocation [ Forge 8 ]: "The Names of the Forge have all spoken these words."

Formula Fissive [ Forge 10 ]: "Break a thing, and you have fragments. Break those fragments, and you have dust. Break the dust, and then break what remains. Here is fire. [Use this in a rite with a Consecrated Lintel and a little Refulgin - or other resources of equal power - to summon King Crucible"

Furnace Paean [ Forge 12 ]: "This is the hymn the heat sings to the iron. If we imitate it faithfully enough we will parch our lips and crisp our tongue, but O, the rewards. [Use this in a rite with a Consecrated Lintel and a little Refulgin - or other resources of equal power - to summon King Crucible.]"

Mysteries of Making [ Forge 14 ]: "The Forge of Days, the Meniscate and the Madrugad are gods-from-Light. Mercury, silver and gold are the seeds of the Work, and here is their secret doctrine... [Use this in a rite with a Consecrated Lintel and a little Refulgin - or other resources of equal power - to summon King Crucible.]"

Tools[edit | edit source]

Tool Aspect level Description
'The Forge of Days' 8 If the Forge could regret, it would regret the Intercalate, but in all its other work, it knows joy.
Carcass Spark 12 A remnant of a greater radiance, glowing softly as decay. Just possibly, a mote of the divided Sun.
Cinnabar Amulet 4 Scarlet is the colour of heat. Mercury holds one key to an ultimate dissolution.
Malleus Imperative 8 A tiny ear-bone, blackened by intense heat. Applied correctly, it can crack stone.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Ingredient Aspect level Description
Bitterblack Salts 4 No ordinary chemist could produce these dark-gleaming crystals - not without the touch of the Forge.
Iotic Essence 12 In the later operations of the Forge, the Madrugad yields to the true Forge of Days, and the essence begins to redden. Some day, perhaps, it will not, but for now we have this.
Xanthotic Essence 8 In certain operations of the Forge, sunlight is said to overcome moonlight, as we pass from the Meniscate to the Madrugad. This essence was mercury, once, but now it's the rich gold of a summer afternoon. Pretty.

Books[edit | edit source]

Book Fragment level
My Deeds, My Powers, My Achievements... 12
On Matthias and the Amethyst Imago: Transformation 6
The Book of Dissolution 10
The Burning Woman 10
The Burning of the Unburnt God 4
The Incandescent Tantra 8
The Iron Book 8
The Irreproachable Traditions... 4
The Manner in which the Alchemist was Spared 14
The Six Letters on Necessity 2
The Vinzant Inscriptions 6
Travelling at Night(Vol. 3) 2