Alakapurine Shears

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Alakapurine Shears
AspectsAuctionable 6
Moth 12

Alakapurine Shears is the Moth 12 Tool. It can be used in any Rite with the appropriate slot, or gifted to a follower to increase their Moth by 3 and reduce their Resentment by 1. Its description may refer to the Moth's killing of the Wheel, as the Moth's tarot card contains fingers and hair.


In the North there is a city of great wealth where dwelt a protector of the world. One day he fell silent. These shears were used to take from him first his hair and then his fingers and then what remained.
~ Description
To be kept: in a copper bowl of water, mixed with three drops of blood and three strands of hair, freshened weekly; and an iron needle, so they may always be aligned to the North.
~ Gift text